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With automation, we increase marketing performance


We cleverly connect tools for marketing automation, a professional team, talent and experience. And we deliver excellent ROI.

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Form Factory
Case study


Increase in total sales by 36% due to automation

We expanded the Form Factory database with such quality contacts that sales from mailing increased by more than 1,000%. Lucky that they are opening two new clubs.

#marketingautomation #emailmarketing #performancemarketing  #integration

Case study


Open rate 46% and click rate 21% for newsletter

What do your mailing numbers look like for the entire database? These are not the numbers of a welcome campaign or an empty basket but of a regular newsletter.

#emailmarketing #makretingautomation #integration

Case study


Database of 4000+ IT specialists in half a year

Thanks to smart lead generation and with the help of marketing automation, we have created a hub with more than 4000 contacts from the IT area, from which the client can now draw.

#leadgeneration #webmastering #marketingautomation #socials #performancemarketing

Big brands trust us

At your service

Top E-mailing

Automated and accurate communication on a quality database. We'll put laptops on fire for our e-mailing and deliver results you'll be proud of.

Performance marketing

 We have a senior team to take care of you. We combine smart people, the efficiency of automation, and the power of an algorithm. To mutual trust. With readable reports and fulfilled KPIs.

The connection between marketing and business

Thanks to Lead Generation, you will quickly get meaningful contacts. You will focus sales on the potential and not waste time with a dead database.

Smooth integration of systems

Long work is expensive. We know how to connect tools and data so that you get the most out of them with a minimum of time and effort.

What our clients said


"The agency took over the account without any available documentation or further explanation. It was great to see how quickly they were able to get their bearings and prepare emails for mailings. Thanks to this, our cooperation is now going as efficiently as possible and we send newsletters in no time."

Michal Velička, CMO


"We have been cooperating with ATMT for a long time to improve communication with our customers and automate marketing and sales processes. I appreciate the proactive and professional approach to project solutions and proven results that continuously help our company Form Factory to achieve better results and effective communication."

Jan Rezek, CMO

Form factory

"The huge added value of automation is that you can work with the database in the long term. Thanks to ATMT, we have a database of 4,000+ contacts who have expressed an interest in moving to the Czech Republic in the future. And we can target them smartly..."

Illya Pavlov, Founder


"...what's the biggest bonus, the businessmen spent almost no time arranging these meetings and could fully devote themselves to other priorities and clients. The biggest pleasure for us is that our clients themselves ask us about this project. They liked the idea and would like to use it for their clients in the future as well."

Patrik Mádl, Head of Sales

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ATMT will help you with automated marketing in the areas of B2C, B2B and E-commerce.