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Superior email marketing


Automated and accurate communication on a quality database is our main domain. We'll deliver results you'll be proud of.


Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

With our know-how, we will create a functional email strategy based on automation and advanced segmentation to reach your customers smartly and consistently.

What can we do?

Design e-mail templates

We will design a template for your e-mailing. All we need is a website or a logo manual, and we will print your brand identity in your e-mails as well. You can get the first template from us for free.

Automation, segmentation, personalization

Advanced segmentation of customers based on their behavior builds a trusting relationship. With personalized emails, you can precisely reach your audience, increase loyalty, and purchase value, and strengthen your brand.

Technical settings

SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI and other acronyms you don't know? Dedicated or shared IP addresses? Leave it to our experience. We'll make sure your emails go out reliably and technical stuff doesn't lower your communication rating.

Email Retargeting

More than half of customers are influenced by email marketing during the purchasing process. Increase your chances of conversion by retargeting customers who have already shown interest in your products or services.

Audit and optimization

If you already use e-mailing, we will move your activities forward with a comprehensive audit. We track open, click and bounce rates. By introducing A/B testing, we will use the functional potential.

Powerful tools

We will help you choose the most suitable e-mailing tool and set up your account. We are official partners of ActiveCampaign for the Czech Republic, but we also


Unrivaled return

No costs for printing, advertising on billboards or TV spots.

Automation for efficiency

We will automate unnecessary manual work. Save time and money.

Precise targeting

We achieve great results by segmenting campaigns.

Immediate results

Easy measurability almost immediately after sending.

Want a free email template?

We will prepare a ready-to-send template according to your specifications.