Optimization of emailing

Selection of a suitable tool for 5 LMC brands - implementation

According to the client's specifications, we got into the optimization of emailing for the entire LMC structure. Initially, a detailed process and technical analysis took place. Subsequently, we compared the number of tools in the three-wheeled VŘ. The implementation of the selected tool is now underway, which we manage on behalf of the client from the point of view of consulting and technical activities.

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Project benefits

  • Ensuring GDPR compliance
  • Preparation of the environment for the implementation of marketing automation scenarios and advanced email marketing techniques
  • Ensuring an objective selection and comparison of tools with regard to the current state
  • Preparing the unification of emailing under one tool and ensuring a warm up of a dedicated IP address



Lead generation for ZOOT
through a competition for fashion annuity


Implementation of advanced analytics,
NPS and chatbot “Honza”


Campaign for students "Youth account gives you 1000 cash"